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Unique analog with three distinct systems of summing.
All in one.

• Analog Summing 16 Channels
• 16 balanced inputs on XLR connectors (DB25 optional)
• 2 Balanced XLR outputs - Main
• 2 Balanced XLR outputs - Monitor
• Insert Stereo
• Headroom Output 22 db.


Summing by Telefunken / Neumann / Siemens analog module (choice subject to availability).

Provides vintage sound with many midrange and silky bass, old-style mixes of 70s Europe.

Summing by Kahayan system​

Extremely clear, colorless whatsoever.
You get the exact amount of what comes out of the DAW with no aggregate.

Passive Summing ​


The signal does not pass through any active circuit  and has a drop of about -34 db thus must connect a preamp of two channels to enhance the output level. In this way, it is added with the color of the previous contribution. Here we open up infinite possibilities in color, timbre and response; You can introduce pre-valves, the latest generation of discrete concept, etc.

Technical Specifications -

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