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K1 - KRYSTAL ONE 4ch. 2u Rack Format

The K1 Krystal one is a high class 4ch. preamplifier in 2U rack format. The main feature of these preamp is a sound completely clear and transparent. It is ideal for acoustics instruments because of these features:

  • Transformerless design

  • Uncolored timbral accuracy at all dynamic levels

  • Entirely balanced audio path with precision components that

    maintains the signal integrity

  • Effortless, vividly realistic musical performance

  • Unsurpassed ambience retrieval


K1 4ch. manual -



• Gain control in steps of 6dB

• Max. Gain: XLR input: 60 db

• Overload input signal led calibrated at 24dbu

• Pad attenuator of -20dB gain for high levels needed

• 48v phantom power with pilot light

• Phase-change switch

• High pass filter switch at 80Hz

• Overload output signal led calibrated at 24dbu

• Output control: lineal pot that Works as a typical fader from infinite to +10dB

HI-z Instrument Input in Jack unbalanced format (switches automatically the input when a Jack conector is plugged)

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