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What do we do at Kahayan audio?

Kahayan Audio was a compay dedicated to repairing, restoring, maintaining and customizing professional audio equipment. And now dedicated to our products manufacturing.

Our client base includes recording studios, music producers, audio engineers and musicians.

Our work is completely handcrafted achieving a high quality signature sound.

At Kahayan Audio our main goals are sound quality and reliability.

We believe that professional audio equipment is the most important tool for artistic creation thus we aim to provide our equipment with its own soul and personality.

We believe that the sound equipment is a very important tool for artistic creation, The desire for our teams to have souls and come into harmony with the Creator is our greatest challenge, and in this manner, provides inspiration and/or execution of the artist. All our work is original, not cloned from other manufacturers’ equipment and we take our vision and interpretation of how good equipment should sound. On the other hand, we love electronic challenges, hence, putting into action through the use of professional teams and equipment the trasformation of our customers ideas.

Dealing with customers is direct, our company is small, as in audio  electronics. We believe that less is more…

We try to put art into our work.

Contact  us, we can work together.

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